About SMELLYZZ and SockDreamgirls.com

Here are some reasons to join!

Welcome, ALL lovers of Female Feet - you have arrived at the best destination on the planet for all of us with a foot fetish! Please take a few minutes and watch some of the video samples I have made for you. They will show very clearly that I am one of you- a guy with an extreme foot fetish! I can't get enough of gorgeous, beautiful female feet and I spend as much time as I can filming them. I walk you through the whole process on most of my clips - they Girls will start out in their shoes, sandals, heels, etc. - and then they remove them and my favorite part begins - they force me to smell their smelly, stinky feet! Next usually comes the socks - I LOVE GIRLS IN SOCKS - as you might tell from the name of my website! They demand that I smell their sweaty socks, put them in my mouth to clean them and humiliate me with them. And next comes their sexy bare feet! I can't get enough!


I have so many different Ladies showing off their lovely peds that you won't be able to watch them all. From solo clips where they directly to you, talk about their feet and how they affect you (oh, they know very well) to the more usual Female Domination aspects where I am forced into being a foot slave, only good for smelling, licking and sucking their shoes and socks - and of course, their bare feet. The feet on these Femdoms are like a drug to me. Line them up on a table and I will sniff and lick my way to heaven! Those only side effect from licking and smelling this many feet are the desire to do it even more! I would love for you to come on this journey with me. Watch my foot domination videos and if you enjoy them as much as I love making them, we will be friends for life.

One cool aspect of my site is that it's actually linked up to some friends that have similar themes in their work. I have a GIGANTIC foot fetish so obviously I am going to know and work with other people that have the same type of fetish and interests. If for some reason you don't see a new update of mine that you like this week, please feel free to use your credit on one of the other sites in the network that I have chosen. You have literally thousands of foot domination, foot worship and general foot fetish clips to choose from if you wanted. That is not to say I don't have 100% confidence that you're going to love all of my clips - but variety is always nice and I want to offer as many benefits to my members as I can. There is no doubt, if you buy foot fetish clips - NOTHING can beat my site.

So, what are you waiting for? I have everything you want, which you can easily see from the sample clips I have provided. I guarantee your satisfaction - if you don't like what you have received from me, just email and I will make sure you are totally covered with clips that you DO want. I am here to please us all - first, I get to worship some feet and then you get to see me do it - it's the next best thing, so come on - JOIN NOW!